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Full lips, along with eye shape and chin shape are the three key facial features that are used to distinguish between male and female faces.

Thinner lips are thought to decrease the feminine appearance whether you were born with them or whether they’ve thinned as part of the aging process.

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Women with full lips are generally considered more attractive, more sensual and more youthful in appearance.  If this were not the case, why would so many of Hollywood’s female stars spend countless dollars to get their lips enhanced?

A University study tracked the eye movements of 50 men as they were shown images of different women and found their lips to be a focal point.

The report concluded that women with full lips and/or wearing lipstick are indeed, more attractive to men.

Marilyn Monroe


Having plump lips is not a new craze by any means.  Recent methods for lip plumping are shown by Kylie Jenner throughout the internet.  Especially relevant is the cultural emphasis started in the ’50s, right around the time Marilyn Monroe reached bombshell status.  Marilyn represented a transition in our cultural thought about women and sex.  Because there were fewer men due to the war, there wasn’t just a lot more competition for a man, there was also this idea that you had to please him to keep him.  You couldn’t just look like you were capable of pleasing your man. You had to be excited about it, and full lips can help express that.  Enter Monroe’s signature over-lined red pout, which is part of a beauty look so iconic, Max Factor chose her as their Global Glamour Ambassador.

Totally Safe, Totally Sexy

Lip Augmentation

Fuller lips are a signifier of youth.  Your lips get thinner as you age.  As some women age, they think, “At least I’ve still goth this part of me that represents my sexuality.”  The real difference is that as women get older, they can actually do something about it.  Below are options for lip augmentations.  The question becomes, would you want to go through the pain and expense of these procedures? Personally, I would choose Candylipz!

Candylipz vs Temporary Injections

  • Artecoll is a synthetic material that plumps up the lips. Because it’s synthetic, you are at higher risk of having an allergic reaction to it than if you got an injection of collagen or fat, but it lasts longer than either.
  • Autologen is an injection of your own collagen, extracted from another place on your body. There’s no risk of allergic reaction, however, the results are only temporary. This may be good for people who aren’t ready to commit to a permanent result.
  • Collagen can be extracted from cows and injected into the lips. There’s a risk of allergic reaction, so it’s best to have your surgeon give you a test dose before proceeding to the full dose. The results are temporary lasting four weeks to three months.
  • Dermalogen is collagen extracted from deceased human donors. This is also a temporary fix, but your body should not reject it.
  • Fascia injections use a specific type of connective tissue harvested either from your own body or from a deceased human donor. It can be implanted surgically or injected. The main drawback is that within a year of injection, your body will reabsorb the fascia.
  • Fat from your own thighs or abdomen can be injected into your lips. There’s no risk of allergic reaction and you may achieve permanent results. This can also be implanted surgically (see below). If you gain weight, your lips may enlarge since the fat cells will get bigger.
  • Hylaform is a material created from a natural body substances known as hyaluronic acid. There’s no risk of infection, but you will need repeated treatments to maintain the result as it’s only a temporary fix.
  • Restylane is a clear gel. It contains hyaluronic acid. It’s biodegradable, so your body will absorb it within about six months of the injection.  

Candyliz vs Lip Implants and Surgeries

You will most likely receive local anesthesia if you get a lip implant or have lip augmentation surgery. A procedure can take up to two hours at your doctor’s office or outpatient center, depending on the complexity, and you will be sent home the same day. Note the recovery times at the bottom.

Here are some options:

  •  Alloderm is a sheet of collagen created from deceased humans. Your surgeon inserts them through tiny incisions made on the inside part of the lip. This material offers only a temporary fix, lasting up to 12 months.
  • Fat grafting is the surgical method of inserting your own fat into your lips to achieve the desired fullness. You may achieve permanent results, but this method varies from person to person. Because it’s your own fat there’s a chance your body can reabsorb it.
  • Goretex, SoftForm, and soft ePTFE are synthetic materials that can achieve a permanent result. Unlike some of the other options we’ve listed above, your body will not absorb these. However, because they are synthetic, there is a risk of allergic reaction.
  • Local flap grafts is a surgical procedure that takes tissue and skin from the inside flap of your mouth. It’s far more invasive than any other technique and is often the last resort among plastic surgeons.

Your surgeon may also be able to make an incision along the upper line of your lip.

How Long Will Recovery Take After Lip Augmentation?

It’s important that you have someone with you who can drive you home after a lip augmentation procedure.

If you are having surgical implants or grafts, your recovery can take up to two weeks after the surgery.

Pucker Up – Make them Melt!

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