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Reading is a fundamental source of learning and entertainment. Reading offers us the opportunities of gaining our own thoughts, opinions, and directions which have never been as important or as available as today.  There are so many ways and methods for accessing books today than ever in history before.

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booksStudies have shown that our children are able to hear us read to them basically from within the womb. They enjoy the soothing voice of a parent reading to them even more so once they are born into this World.  The gifts of READING are proven to be fundamentally beneficial in all areas of life.

We learn so much from being Read to until the time comes when we learn to read for ourselves. Learning to read and then write gives us our own abilities to share and communicate.

I have personally been a fond reader, for as long as I can remember, and still read hours and hours each week.  Reading is a constant, and a constant part of my success in all areas of my life. I find personal growth and development through reading positive and motivational coaches such as Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer, Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins and Dani Johnson; just to name a few. I love to curl up and relax reading a good mystery as a way to escape a hectic day. I always challenge the author by trying to see if I can figure out the ending before I get to it.  I’m thrilled, absolutely thrilled if the author can stump me!

I found some great information on why Reading is Important, and I’ll include that here:

Why Is Reading Important?

Many people question why reading is so important? There are so many other things to do with one’s time. Reading is important for a variety of reasons. We will look at some of those fundamental reasons below.   Many highly intelligent people have struggled with reading.  When properly taught, most people can learn to read easily and quickly but it is important to realize that struggling with vital reading skills in not a sign of low intelligence. For example, John Corcoran, who wrote, ‘The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read’, is a very intelligent man. He graduated from High School and College, became a popular High School teacher and later a successful businessman all without being able to read.

Now, if a man like John Corcoran can succeed without reading, why is reading important? A person should really read Mr. Corcoran’s story to get the feeling of shame, loneliness, and fear that he experienced before he learned to read. He was able to succeed in spite of this major handicap because he was a man of intelligence, ability, and determination. But, make no mistake, it was a handicap that made his life harder and less enjoyable. Look at what he accomplished without being able to read in his early years.  Imagine with his natural intelligence what he could have accomplished if his reading skills had been developed earlier in life.

Fundamentals of Reading

1. Reading is fundamental to function in today’s society. There are many adults who cannot read well enough to understand the instructions on a medicine bottle. This is a scary thought, especially for their children. Many accidental overdoses occur this way every year. Filling out the medical history forms at your doctor’s office to give the doctor your health background is a real necessity. This task can be impossible without help if one has difficulty reading. Reading road or warning signs is not only difficult but could be the difference between life and death in a split second decision; a decision that may be hard to make without the ability to follow a road map very well. Day-to-day activities that many people take for granted become a source of frustration, anger, and fear when a person has difficulty reading.

Reading is a Skill

2. Reading is a vital skill in finding a good job. Many of your basic jobs, not to mention the well-paying jobs require reading as a part of job performance. There are reports and memos which require employees to read and give a response to their manager. Most employers in today’s workforce require reading skills as most jobs require some use of computers now.  Poor reading skills increase the amount of time it takes to absorb and react in the workplace. A person is limited in what they can accomplish without good reading and comprehension skills.

3. Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle and like all muscles in the body it needs exercise or it declines. Reading and expanding your knowledge of the written word is one way the mind grows in its ability. Teaching young children to read helps them develop their language skills. It also helps them learn to listen. Everyone wants to talk, but few can really listen. Lack of listening skills can result in major misunderstandings which can lead to job loss, marriage breakup, and other disasters great and small. Reading helps children and adults focus on what someone else is communicating and sharing with them.

Discover New Things

4. Why is reading important? It is how we discover new things. Books, magazines and even the Internet are great learning tools which require the ability to read and understand what we are reading. A person who knows how to read can educate themselves in any area of life they are interested in. We live in an age where we overflow with information, but reading is the main way to take advantage of it. One can take a trip around the world from their living room thanks to the internet. Most of all, readers can learn about places far, far away and seem as if we are really there! With your creativity and today’s tools, the options are endless.books

Develop The Imagination

5. Reading develops the imagination. TV and computer games have their place, but they are more like amusement. Amusement comes from two words “a” [non] and “muse” [think]. Amusement is non-thinking activities. With reading, a person can go anywhere in the world, or even out of it! They can be a king, or an adventurer, or a princess. As a child, a family member took me on weekly trips to the library. I thought this place was amazing! Books, books, and books everywhere as far as I could see.  How could I possibly read them all?

A librarian once took me to the children’s section and showed me the area for my age.  After questioning me about what I liked she guided me to the “mystery” section.  There I discovered, “Encyclopedia Brown” a young boy with glasses who was always finding some new mystery to solve.  I’m sure today he would be called McGyver on the popular television series.  I later moved on to Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. As I grew so did my love for a great mystery!  Now, I am blessed with a vast variety of authors to choose from.  Once again, books, books, books … the possibilities are endless. Non-readers never experience these joys to the same extent if at all.

Reading and Creativity

6. In the line above, reading develops the creative side of people. When reading to children, stop every once in awhile and ask them what they think is going to happen next? Get them thinking about the story. When it is finished, ask if they could think of a better ending or anything that would have improved it? If they really liked the story, encourage them to illustrate it with their own drawings or to make up a different story with the same characters. As a result, we get the creative juices flowing!

Reading Helps Develop a Good Self-Image

7. Reading is fundamental in developing a good self-image. Nonreaders or poor readers often have low opinions of themselves and their abilities. Many times they feel as if the world is against them. They feel isolated (everybody else can read – which isn’t true) and behavior problems can begin to surface. They can perform poorly in other subjects because they cannot read and understand the material and so they tend to “give up.”

Phonics Reading Programs

8. Why is reading important? Let’s keep going, good reading skills, especially in a phonics reading program, improve spelling. As students learn to sound out letters and words, spelling comes easier. In addition, reading helps to expand the vocabulary. Reading new words puts them in their mind for later use. Seeing how words are used in different contexts can give a better understanding of the word usage and definitions than the cold facts of a dictionary.

There are so many programs out now to help guide children to learn to read beginning at the age of infancy to give them a great head start in life.  For those who didn’t have that available to them, there are many programs available to help them at any age and they can do them with or without a tutor. Most have CD/DVD’s with them to make the program teachable from your very own home.

The Power of The Written Word

9. There is an old saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”  Ideas written down have changed the destiny of men and nations for better or worse. The flow of ideas cannot be stopped. We need to read and research to build on the good ideas and expose the bad ideas before they bring destruction. So, only by reading can we be armed in this never-ending, life-and-death struggle.

10. The fact of the power of written ideas communicated through reading is a foundational reason why some governments oppose free and honest communication. Even though our Constitutional Rights give us “Free Speech”, Illiterate people are easier to control and manipulate. Illiterate people find it difficult to do their own research and thinking. They must rely on what they are told and how their emotions are swayed. Hence, there is a good possibility that this is one of the main reasons for removing phonics from the schools about 100 years ago.

Words Are The Building Block of Life

11. Finally, why is reading important? Reading is important because of the words – spoken and written – they are the building blocks of life. You are, right now, the result of words that you have heard or read AND believed about yourself.  As a result, what you become in the future will depend on the words you believe about yourself now. People, families, relationships and even nations are built from words. Think about it.

According to Jonathan Kozol in “Illiterate America,” quoted in “The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read,'” the three main reasons people give for wanting to read are:

books1. To read the Bible,
2. Reading books and newspapers, and
3. Helping their children read.

I think everyone can conclude that reading is a vital skill! Reading Strategies are also a part of learning to read.

By Glenn Davis

Thank you, Glenn – and I totally agree.


Audio Books

If you like a topic or a Movie Series, you should dive into the books.  Books allow for so much more of the Story, the plots, and the characters.  Therefore, if you love it on the big screen, you’ll more than love and get more into it when you read the books.

booksDo you travel, drive or fly a lot?  If so you should Read, Due to their availability, AUDIO BOOKS are a great addition to your personal growth.  They allow you to take in a book anywhere you go and have the book read to you.  Being read to is a great way to soak in a story, to learn history, and to gain knowledge.  It’s a great way to make the time go faster at the gym, to relax while sitting in heavy traffic, or anytime you want your own private escape for a while. And, it’s all available connecting through our site (which we continually update).

In conclusion, there is always a way to get a good book in… and you deserve it!books